Voodoo Analytics Application

Here’s the version 1 of the Voodoo Lunchbox startups flagship web analtyics application.

Learn more at: https://www.voodooanalytics.com

  • Design 90%
  • User Experience 90%
  • Theme Views Developement 80%
  • Programming 20%
Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.


Dashboards are for cars. This is the view that you can organize how you like. You can add/move/remove other modules and use Sentences to define the information you’re looking for.

Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.


The meat and potatoes of Voodoo Analtyics. This is the view that gives you access to the answers you have questions for.

Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.


These funnels you don’t need to click the “record” button and wait to see what’s going on in your data. Voodoo Analytics has long-lookback, which allows the user to create funnels on existing data.

Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.


Everything is an expression. When you build your Sentence, you can use prebuilt expressions for common points of interest, or define your own.

Voodoo Analytics New Expression

New Expressions

Modular method for users to build their own custom expressions.

Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.

User Management

You can define users and their access roles.

Voodoo Analytics app screenshot.

Tracking Code

Simple snippet that you add to your website to start tracking in minutes.

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